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News Update no. 01
16 October 2016


I have been offering one-to-one computer classes since 1995 (more than 20 yrs - started with CorelDRAW version 3) on specialist sofware because that is still the best way to learn "complicated" design software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Adobe products and CorelDRAW X8 (now on version 18...the X is the greek number for 10).

But did you know that you don't have to come to my training school in Parow West (near sports fields) because I have made my training services even more convenient by getting in my car and driving to your work half the price of UBER taxis and saving you petrol and time as well !!

Why? Not all...but many of you have kids and it is difficult to do classes after hours - no babysitter; got to feed the family; gym commitments and so the list goes on.

Now there is no more reasons to hold you back and you CAN upgrade your skill level and get ahead in your career.
Not only do I teach but I encourage my students to have a "CAN DO" approach to life by finding and assisting them with useful solutions to overcome obstacles.

Example: I have helped them upgrade their laptops and computer systems and have also assisted with cutom-made video tutorials for specific design goals. I believe in going the extra-mile as word-of-mouth and my training reputation is very important to me.

That is another reason why I have training partners who is well versed in my unique training steps and methods. 

By the end of this year, Ivan Clow would have been helping me teach for five years....that type of experience simply cannot easily be replaced. "Thank you Ivan...your energy drink is waiting for you at your next CADclass lesson.....LOL". 

If you are interested in On-Site training or any of my one-to-one instructor -led classes at my school, then please reply to this email and I will send you more specific course information. Or view the course list from my website page here... 


Physical Address : Tygerberg Art School
Du Toit Street, Parow, 7500

Admin: Elzette 021- 930 5112

Calvin Dorman: 084 632 6622

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One-to-one SolidWorks Premium version 2017 training


We also have an On-Site Option:
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1. Individual Attention:
4x classes over 2 weeks of 12 hours training in total
2. Training material:
Videos and PDF Manual at NO extra cost. 
3. The SolidWorks programme included for students
4. Ideal venue:
Presented at a school - Tygerberg Art school in Parow West
On-Site training also available on request.
5. Flexible training schedule: Can customize the dates / times to suit you.
6. Since 1995:
Confirming my experience in presenting specialist courses.
7. Certificate: Presented on attendance of all 4 classes.
8. On-Site Training available on request
9.  A screen-recording programme is provided to ensure class work is video-captured for easy reference after classes
10. Quality, Professional and Reliable Training:
Providing a great learning experience & value for money.

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