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News Update no. 04
14 August 2016


I want to encourage all the readers of my weekly (I try) newsletter that although I am always harping on about INCREASING YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS through one-to-one training……It is just as important to stay healthy. After all, what benefit is wealth when you don’t have health.
I always try to give my students the most benefits (added value) as possible, however, I only give a discount when a student has completed a level 1 course as an incentive not to wait but start level 2 immediately. 

The prices of my one-to-one training courses for specialist products like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign is already so low. Please compare prices and let me know if you find a price lower than mine at a reputable training college/company that have been offering  Adobe and AutoCAD skills for more than 15 years like I have.

I focus on quality and added value. My reputation and the reliability of my 2 trainers that help me is so important that my wife says I am obsessed with my classes - she means it in a good sense though…..I hope……lol.

Being an independent computer training centre based at the Tygerberg Art school in Parow so long, I can confidently say that my certificate that I present to students is well recognised by design and printing companies in and around Cape Town area and many of my students testify that they have been given work opportunities based on my certificate alone….this is something I am very proud of as it reflects my quality and dedication that have paid off over the years.

Now let me say this: SolidWorks training skills is best attained if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT…learning the functions and methods on your own just don’t work and it is cause for frustration because you need to know the tricks and tips of an expert like myself and my trainers who know how to teach you to APPLY what you have learned in class - application of the programme in a practical manner with unique example is vital.


Calvin's SolidWorksCLASS is ideal for business owners and individuals who need to know the functions with tricks and tips without doing an extensive college course in a big classroom set-up.

Our expert-to-learner course is short (12 hours split over 2 weeks) and includes all the training material you will need eg. student software, training videos and a PDF manual.
All this resource material is included in the price and do not cost extra - giving you added value.

Physical Address : Tygerberg Art School
Du Toit Street, Parow, 7500

Admin: Elzette 021- 930 5112

Calvin Dorman: 084 632 6622

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