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News Update no. 05
10 July 2016


My business is mainly about one-to-one computer training and the entrepreneur college I have started this year.

Please see the message below I sent to the parents of my 2 CalvinAcademy students doing their Internship as graphic designers at A1 Printingworks.

"I have asked Kateland & Wouter to work at A1Printworks from 8:30-4:30 pm. The lady there is ill and could be away for +- 2 weeks.

The owner could have used a freelancer in the mean time but I said he should give my students a chance, you see, this is a good opportunity to spread their wings and learn to cope.

If they prove themselves, I will be more confident when they start at Tygerburger Community papers which is a bigger company. 

My goal is to stretch all my students' computer abilities by rotating and moving forward to bigger companies before the year ends so that I will be able to get them a job next year at a big company where the salary would be higher......this i can only do if I have your (and all parents' support).

Let us not underestimate our children, they may let us down from time to time, but we must wish the highest companies and income for them....i will use all my influence possible to get both parents and students to believe in the mindset of an entrepreneur and NOT an employee.....yet they must work first next year to save up the capital required to start their own part-time business with my help thru my mentorship programme...both Kateland and Wouter is doing us all proud.

Well done guys (if successful, the team building treat to GrandWest 10-pin bowling will be on CalvinAcademy). Please let me know if i have your approval. Thanks"

My students' skills have gained the confidance of the owner to stand in for one of his employees. This is a huge responsibility and Kateland and Wouter has done CalvinAcademy and all fellow students proud- Well done

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Calvin's SolidWorksCLASS is ideal for business owners and individuals who need to know the functions with tricks and tips without doing an extensive college course in a big classroom set-up.

Our expert-to-learner course is short (12 hours split over 2 weeks) and includes all the training material you will need eg. student software, training videos and a PDF manual.
All this resource material is included in the price and do not cost extra - giving you added value.

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